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The Pointe at Central | Packing 101

Move out day is approaching quickly, along with the stress of packing up your apartment. Here are some helpful tips to make your moving experience seamless.

Donate things you don’t use anymore

It’s true that you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move. Rather than toting all those excess belongings to your next dwelling, consider donating items that you rarely use to the nearest donation center. This will help minimize the amount of packing you have to do and will also help eliminate clutter in your living space.

Gather your materials

Make sure to gather the essential items for packing. Collecting sturdy boxes and investing in good tape will ensure that your boxes won’t fall apart in the process of moving. Also, collecting newspapers will be useful for wrapping delicate items.

Packing the perfect box

So, you are ready to pack-where do you begin? Start by making sure that you are not mixing items from different rooms in one box. The key to a smooth moving experience is to stay organized! This will also help when it is time to unpack. Put heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter things at the top. Wrap fragile items in paper, blankets, towels etc.

Moving can be stressful but with these helpful tips you are sure to have an easy transition!

When, Where, & What: A Guide to Move-Outs

If you did not renew your lease for the fall semester, your move-out day is July 31st, 2018, by 11am. By 11am, you will want to come by the office with your three keys (front door, bedroom, & mail box keys) and your parking decal (The parking decal will come off in pieces). Before coming in, make sure you lock your bedroom and front door.

We will have you sign the move-out form which will only take a couple minutes. On the move-out form, you will need to provide your forwarding address.

We use your forwarding address to send you any credit you might have on your account. The best way to answer the question of what address to put is, “If The Pointe at Central owes you money and is sending it three weeks after July 31st, what would be the best address to send it to?”

Just a reminder, we are unable to forward your mail to you. This will need to be done through USPS’ website at

We have enjoyed having you as a resident, and we wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.