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The Pointe at Central | Meet your resident director Eugene Braxton!
My name is Eugene Braxton and I am your Resident Director this year. I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Jacksonville, FL. Upon graduating high school, I moved to Orlando, FL to continue my studies at The University of Central Florida. In 2008, I received a B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies with minors in Mass Communications, Information Technology and Spanish. While at UCF I first moved into the dorms on campus then moved to The Pointe Building 4 Apt G (for the people who move into this apartment, please uphold the strong tradition of greatness that is produced there, lol). During my stay at The Pointe I became a Resident Assistant (RA) which changed my life for the good over the next 10+ years and was the foundation for me to climb the ladder of success becoming your Resident Director. I have an open-door policy. I enjoy mentoring and giving out sound advice especially when dealing with roommate conflicts and school. I believe in empowering you the resident and give you wisdom to address the issues you are having. This is similar to the adage, “give a man some fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.
I am honored to be serving you this year. Along with my team of RA’s our Residence Life Department is here to help make your experience at The Pointe a pleasant one and your home away from home. We plan at least 5 different events monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters. Should problems or miscommunications arise, we are also serve as mediators to help you and your roommates come to a compromise. 
Here are some tips for success. 
1. Communication is key. I cannot stress this enough. About 90% of the Resident Concern forms that come across my desk dealing with one roommate frustrated or upset with something going on inside of their apartment is a result of a lack of communication. My suggestion is that you responsibly communicate with your roommate and don’t let issues pile up. If you need help speaking with your roommate don’t hesitate to ask for help from myself and the RA team.
2. Have a house meeting within the first week of you moving in. House meetings are a great place to come together and discuss your expectations and serves as an opportunity for you to see what your roommates expectation is. You will need to compromise on things. My suggestion is once everyone aggress to the rules write them down and everyone sign them. This holds everyone accountable. Then once rules start getting broken you all can call a house meeting to revisit the list have a discussion.
3. Come out to our events. Our events are great ways to meet people in your community. We take pride in creating events for all types of people and personalities from the athlete to the video gamer, introvert to extrovert, musician to the artist and everyone in between. I encourage you to come out and try something new. Get connected and follow us on our social media pages.
4. Get to know your RA. Let them know what kind of events you would like to see. Come visit them inside the office or stop by their events and say hi. You never know, you may have the opportunity to become an RA. 
5. Enjoy your stay here. Our management team looks at our staff as more than just employees but family. I believe this overflows into how we look at you as our resident. We look at you as family and we are here to serve you. We strive to provide tier 1 customer service and we want to create an environment that you will be successful with your studies and you can make everlasting memories.
Welcome to your home away from home. Thank you for choosing The Pointe at Central.
Eugene Braxton
Resident Director