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The Pointe at Central | ​Semester Tips
The Fall semester has officially begun. After summer break, getting back on track is sometime difficult. Below are some tips to get your semester off to the right start! 
Create a checklist: Syllabus week can be overwhelming with the endless deadlines and projects. If you create a checklist or calendar and plan your entire semester out if will help you to feel less overwhelmed and allow you to plan your success. 
Cut out bad habits: Be honest with yourself about your bad habits. If you can cut out your bad semester habits now in the beginning it will be beneficial to your studies. 
De-Clutter: Start the semester fresh. De-Clutter your study space to give you a clear mind and help you study more often during the semester. 
Get Re-Connected: Get back in touch with your study group. Reach out to your friends for support so you can start the semester on the right foot. 
Set attainable goals: Write down some goals you would like to achieve and put these goals on your wall. Seeing your goals will help you believe you can achieve them! 
Good Luck! 
The Pointe at Central