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The Pointe at Central | Welcome Home!
Welcome home, summer move-in day is right around the corner! We are so excited for our new residents to move in! 
Here are some tips to help you have a smooth and successful move-in: 
1. Contact your future roommates 
We highly suggest reaching out to your future roommates before move-in day. Be sure to discuss expectations and your ideal living environment. This will help alleviate any new roommate miscommunication and ensure a healthy roommate living environment.
2. Arrive on Time
     Arriving on time allows you to maximize the amount of time you have on move-in day! Move-in day is a big day for any new resident so giving yourself a large window of time to move-in helps alleviate stress and makes the whole move-in process easier. Although, arriving early seems tempting on move-in day most leasing offices have a specific time frame they can begin move-ins/issue keys. Move-in day is a big day for properties as well so be sure not to arrive too early, we would not want you to wait around for too long before receiving keys!
3. Avoiding shopping centers on Move-in Weekend 
Move-in weekend in a college town can be very chaotic! With hundreds of students moving in to different properties locally, shopping centers will have more traffic than usual. If you prepare in advance and bring your groceries and essential items with you, this will help you avoid shopping centers on move-in weekend and allow you to shop with ease a couple days after! 
4. Meet your front desk staff
Visit our leasing office and meet your front desk staff and managers! They will be there on move-in day to assist you with anything you need. Remember these staff members will be able to help you with anything you need after move-in day as well. We can assist you with work-orders, rent- installment questions, etc. Remember we are here to help! 
We look forward to seeing you on move-in day! 
Welcome Home, 
Your Pointe at Central Family