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The Pointe at Central | Valentine's Day--Your Way!

Valentine's Day has been around since we can remember. When you were a kid you converted a shoebox to your card holder, and dispersed handmade valentines to the whole class. Now you're either celebrating with a group of friends, your other half or enjoying it solo. Here are some ideas of how to celebrate the day of love YOUR way!

1 - Not into the romcom/romance genre? Host a slasher fest at your apt!

2 - Feeling adventurous? Make a short (less than 5) bucket list and do them all in 1 day, i.e. kiss a stranger, dance in the street (watch for traffic :), be a part of a flashmob, do a photoshoot, etc.

3 - Host a Valentine's speed dating party

4 - Do a pamper yourself spa day

5 - Grab some adult color books, your favorite people or person and vege out with some creativity and crayons

6 - Organize a progressive dinner at everyone's apartments or out on the town (appetizers at one spot, dinner at the next, dessert at the 3rd, etc.) The amount of meals are up to you. Just make sure you move locations with each course

7 - Drop Valentine's Day presents off to all of your friends and family the whole day showing love in with a hug, smile, chocolate, a teddy bear, flowers, etc

The list goes on!