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The Pointe at Central | Finals week is approaching!
We are still a few weeks away, here are three tips to get you through your finals smoothly and successfully!  
1. Start Studying Now
Do not wait until the day before the test to cram in all your review material. Start Early! Studying in shorter lengths helps improve your comprehension and retention. This will also make studying more enjoyable and less overwhelming. 
2. Stress Management 
During finals week the last thing you want to think about is the Gym. However, exercising even for a half hour will give you substantial benefits. It will refresh your brain and reduce finals worry!
3. Get some rest
All-nighters are normally the only option during finals week, but your body needs sleep during finals week. This will help your body rest and retain information. If you cannot fathom getting a full night’s rest during finals week, simply take power naps to keep your mind refreshed and ready!
Be sure to check out our Finals Week Event Calendar. We will have events every day to get you through finals week. Remember, finals will be over soon & summer is around the corner! 
Good Luck, 
The Pointe at Central